FSProtect | Active Directory Security Assessment

FSProtect aims to restrict adversary maneuverability by detecting vulnerabilities misconfigurations, and hidden attack paths lurking in the complex Active Directory environment in minutes.

  • Active Directory Vulnerability Assessment
  • Active Directory Inventory & Relation Visibility
  • Detailed Delegation/Privilege Visualization
  • Lateral Movement & Privilege Escalation Path Detection
  • Detailed & Prioritized Remediation Roadmap
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FSDetect real-time threat detection and change management in the active directory is on the way.

  • Detect Sophisticated Threats with Continuous Monitoring

  • Atomic Change Management

  • Robust Tracking

  • Scalable and Infrastructure Independent

  • Agentless and Hassle-Free Deployment

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Borabay | Office Document Analysis

Borabay analyzes office documents and reveals malicious macros, DDE objects, document preview and widely used RTF exploits easily. It also enriches data with threat intelligence integrations.

  • VBA Macro, VBA Stomping and Macro Signature Detection
  • Exif and Binwalk Data Extraction
  • DDE Object and RTF Exploit Extraction
  • MalwareBazaar and Mogan Threat Intelligence Integration
  • Scanning for community and custom Yara rules
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