Dear Customers, Our Stakeholders, Suppliers, Business Partners,

Our organization shares this information with the aim of fulfilling the requirements of the data protection regulation GDPR and enlightening you. We inform you about what kind of preparations we make and informing you about our compliance studies regarding GDPR. We will process the data of users in the European Economic Area (EEA) in a safe manner for our business purposes only in our web site, mobile applications and all other applications that collect data. If you do not want your personal data to be stored, processed and evaluated for our business purposes, you may use your right to “delete”, “cancel”, “be forgotten”.

Information Security Management System and Management System Approaches

We have data security, information security and cyber security approaches. In this statement, we would like to inform you more about the preparations we have made for the GDPR with the EU User Permit Policy and to enlighten you. In our company, our company has an information security management system in your organization. Your information is protected with both technological tools and management system methodologies.

If the information in our institution is hacked, stolen or transferred to another place without our permission, we are committed to sharing it with you.

Updated EU User Authorization Policy

Our company’s EU User Authorization Policy We are working to meet the new legal requirements of GDPR. In GDPR policy, our web site and other applications are important legislation related to the information disclosed to the end users of the European Economic Area, ie the original name and the Europain Economic Area. services to the citizens of the European Union as an institution serving in Turkey while working to adapt to meet these legal obligations We take great care. While we are working on information security and cyber security issues, we follow and implement the GDPR Policy and the obligations of this policy. In this study, GDPR Policy information is covered by lighting, information and clear consent against our customers, stakeholders, suppliers and business partners.

What is GDPR Data Protection Responsibility? GDPR Who is the Data Protection Officer?

Our company declares that it will comply with the new legislation related to information security. We are aware of our responsibilities as data processing or data responsible. Our internalization activities are continuing within the institution. We declare our good intentions here. We are trying to GDP is compatible KVKK legislation in Turkey and in the EU legislation. We are aware of our responsibilities here. We take all responsibility for KVKK and GDPR provisions.

What Information Do We Collect Under GDPR?

Our organization collects information for the following services we have listed: statistical information, receiving and replying to a message via the form We will be sharing with you every update you may have in GDPR. We are committed to fulfilling the obligations of GDPR regarding the use of any personal data that we process in order to better serve you and to improve our service quality in connection with these services. Here we address our stakeholders, suppliers and business partners. GDP is the implementation of EU legislation in Turkey is that KVKK and concerns you too. Please ensure that you comply with the requirements of these regulations, otherwise our business partnerships, acquisitions and business partnerships will be adversely affected. We collect the following data within the scope of KVKK and GDPR: Cookie information, messages you forward to us through the contact forms in various places in the Site. If you do not want your data to be used, stored or processed, or if you do not wish to use processed, stored data, you may use our right to delete, cancel, and forget us by means of communication means such as mail and telephone.

Application for more information on KVKK and GDPR compliance

For more information about our organization’s information security, cyber security policies, and governance approach related to data privacy, please refer to the following link, link, website or telephone. We will continue to enlighten you about KVKK and GDPR and meet our legal obligations.

This text we have created has been shared with KVKK and GDPR Legislation to provide information, lighting and clear consent of you.

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