What if APT29FIN7LazarusAPT34Muddywater breach our network?

Luckily, we have the answer. Forestall focuses and uses objection-based adversary-centric methods for assessing corporates’ detection capabilities. With these simulations, we can reveal the effectiveness of your security products and the blue team’s incident response capabilities based on MTTD/MTTR/Dwell Time metrics. Within the scope of the service, methods developed by both APT groups and Forestall team are used and all methods are reported according to the MITRE ATT&CK matrix.

Adversary Simulation vs Penetration Testing

Unlike penetration tests, Adversary Simulation service reveals not only the vulnerabilities of the organization but also the effectiveness of the detection and response processes, the technologies, and the teams that perform these processes. For this reason, our team focuses on achieving scenario-based objectives, not revealing all vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure.

You can only fight the way you practice.

These simulations also bring blue teams the experience of encountering a real adversary, thus develop the reflexes of the team to use during the real incident.


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